– Address: Lai Cach Industrial park, Cam Giang, Hai Duong
– Scale performance:
Factory area: 9.000m2
– Main jobs: Land digging, transport and filling for factory 9.000m2
Digging, transportation and landfill testing pool pump area 900 m2 area at a depth of -10.00 meters above altitude: ± 0.00
– Workload: 15.000m3
– Progress of construction: 2 months

The highlight of this project the construction of Newave’s excavation large tank that depth testing pool pump. The surface area of about …… .. sizeable pool m2 and depth of the tank up to the ground -10,70m fibers. Ponds are constructed by molding method pile, and had dug in layers, each layer after excavation reinforced with an old gold system is quite dense, causing the machine to dig bucket putting quite difficult.

We have used excavator boom can resize (Tho indent) standing on the ground to dig, combined with the mini excavator to dig to the bottom put the cramped position.

Construction conditions were difficult but: rainy weather during construction and have trouble, it takes more time to process.

Our unit was incorporated with the main contractor unit UDIC and company have solved the difficulties in the process of construction and completion of works safe, high quality and on schedule.

Some photos of construction on the site:

ebara 1
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